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Big Fish3D-Printed Cattle SkullChoreographed Iron DustThe Egg ManHalf FawnSanta Sees YouMy TeddyStay Sexxy!Flamingo BicyclePizza PeopleOMGSnow SquidPee-Wee HermanRally PuppetRiding the Rocket PonyScary Lego ClownCookie MonsterObey Giant MuralKENEPTAKinetic ClownHairless CatSaint KittyMummer KingPenis Sweaty Bloody BallsFurry CaterpillarOuthouse SkullLawn Chair SculptureGhostbusters BikeSonic MemorialArmless AngelGiant DuckMonkey Knife FightSpecimensDead HawkPoker Chips in StreetSubway Concourse SculptureSubway Concourse RotundaRobot Art CartFur-Covered BarbieThe CrayonatorWhen Clone Meets GirlLego "Art of the Brick" GlobeBlowfishMulti-cycleTrenton Ave Arts Festival - Orange OctopusFishtown Metal ManTorn BushDisk MobileTacoma Concrete ShipCorndogScarry RabbitNuclear Sunset120 Minute ClockMummers Parade 2007 - Cigar ManMummers Parade 2007 - Froggy CarrMummers Parade 2007 - ElvisMummers Parade 2007 - Hobo ClownMummers Parade 2006 - IndiansStump GnomePink and Black PumpkinsIndustrial SunsetAshesFireTunnelvisionElectricityExerskeletonTree Sap BlobCanine Rabbi?Eat Mor ChikinFence Engulfed By TreeSnake On A BoardwalkDead SquirrelMe In Gettysburg