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About This Site

This site is the photo log of Rob Bender, a web developer and amateur photographer living in the Philadelphia area. I've been interested in digital photography for several years now, mostly focusing on urban architecture but also interested in landscape and nature photography. I've had several photos published in newspapers including Philadelphia Weekly and the Boston Globe.

I created this site to showcase various photos I've taken, sometimes with a little bit of commentary. I'll try to post them in a (hopefully) timely fashion. Some photos are artistic. Some are just funny or weird. Some are simply relevant to events in my personal life. Some are taken with a good DSLR camera and some are taken with the crappy little camera in my cellphone.

Most of my better photos are viewable online in my personal website's Photo Gallery.

This site is powered by Pixelpost 1.5. I started with the basic "pixelpost-light" template and hacked it up to my likening. I disabled comments, but not because I don't want feedback, but because I don't want to spend all my time fighting comment spam. Maybe when there's a better system, I'll allow comment posting.

This site also uses the Clean URLs addon to create search-engine friendly URLs.